Love Devotion had enough – Ng’delile

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Love Devotion, the duo hailing from South Africa’s official party province of KwaZulu, is determined to get fans dancing through the second half of the year with the release of Ng’delile, their latest offering.

On the track, Ng’delile, which means “I’ve had enough” the singer Dulcie Mthembu laments on the struggles of a relationship in which she’s fed up with being mistreated.

The song is equal parts liberation anthem and break up mantra.

They sing about rejecting the advice given to women to persevere through tough life and relationship situations.

The song has massive dance floor appeal, as has become the norm with the duo’s past releases including their 2018 release ‘Ininja” featuring Dapid.

With influences from gqom, kwaito, and South African house music, the uptempo beat also uses synths and instruments found in the amapiano genre to create a dance anthem.

The track features production from DJ Steve and DJ Arabic. Love Devotion was formed in 2012 with members, Dulcie Mthembu and Kwenzi Madwe after the pair met in high school.

The duo has and mastered the art of composing outstanding dance music.

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