Sizwe Alakine Drops New Single ‘AmaVampire’

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Warner Music Africa proudly presents, Sizwe Alakine’s follow-up single AmaVampire. The single succeeds his debut major label release, After Tears.

Opening with an oscillating synthesizer inducing sonic murkiness, AmaVampire imposes a chilling atmosphere conjuring the necessity for immediate light. Accompanied by a hefty Amapiano baseline and the percussive instruments these together recall the utility of the drum within African spiritualism.

Sizwe Alakine’s buoyant delivery initially rests on softer Amapiano timbres which are perfectly matched, together, both vocals and beat exude a somewhat nonchalant demeanour and disrespectful stance towards the imminent dark.

This same delivery, however, is later matched with a vigorous Amapiano baseline colourfully highlighting Alakine’s delivery and flaunting its nimble nature.

Boi Biza’s vocal technique fulfils a touch of this requirement through the exhibition of quiet power in vocality, amid the vague ambience. Meanwhile, like spiritual exorcism 2WO Short boasts robust vocals which put the vampires to flight.

“Creating this record was lots of fun and the energy in the room was mad, this is one for the streets. Rapiano is the evolution of my personal brand, which is also a homage to the sounds that raised me – Rap and Amapiano”

says Sizwe.

AmaVampire. is out, Steam here:

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