Oblamo waves the Alexandra flag up high

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Oblamo waves the Alexandra flag up high as a sign of loyalty and love for his hood, in his new song titled, ‘Gomora’.

Alexandra, informally abbreviated to Alex is a township in the Gauteng province of South Africa and is located next to the wealthy suburb of Sandton. Alexandra is commonly known as “Gomora” among local residents.

When talking about the song, this is what Oblamo had to say:

“Gomora is a song representing Alex and also acknowledges the talent that has come out of it. The likes of Mr. JazziQ, Amaroto, and of course the one and only King of Amapiano, Kabza De Small just to name a few”.

He added,

“I am also giving people that have not been to Gomora a picture of what it is like there”

Oblamo gives us a glimpse of the sound and lyrical prowess he possesses with his first single Gomora.

Having worked with Don 707, a talented producer from Soshanguve, on this invigorating song, this is what he had to say about the experience:

“It was a great experience, the making of the song was organic. We both admired what we both brought to the song and I feel like that is what matters”

The instruments of the song give it that Gomora feeling, it hits hard.

The drums put you in a different zone, it makes you feel like going to Megalo, Poitjie, Stoep 15, Dandy Lifestyle Corner, and many other locations to go out and have fun at in Alex.

Gomora is dedicated to everyone from Alex and widely to people who take great pride in where they come from.

Stream/ download ‘Gomora’ on your preferred music service: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/oblamodon707/gomora-2

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