Sho Madjozi serves up her anxiously awaited music video Chalé

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Superstar and award-winning queen of South African rap Sho Madjozi serves up her anxiously awaited new single and music video “Chalé” via Epic Records.

Listen to “Chalé” HERE.

While performing to sold out audiences in arenas across North America with Stromae at the end of 2022, she cooked up “Chalé” with tourmate, DJ, producer, and collaborator Tboy DaFlame.

Together, they channeled the same creative chemistry that catalyzed her viral smash “John Cena.” Sho teased “Chalé” with a brief TikTok post in the middle of the holidays.

Fans immediately embraced it as the short clip generated 6 million views. She recently gave the single its live debut with show-stopping performances in Tanzania and Ghana.

Propelled by an Amapiano beat, she spits rapid fire rhymes in Tsonga. Meanwhile, the chantable chorus pops off in English as she proclaims,

“You wasn’t there when we were shooting in the gym, back then when the money wasn’t coming in, click click, Sho Madjozi, can I have a pic?”

Bound for catchphrase status, “Chalé” possesses multiple meanings. In Ghanaian Pidgin English slang, it could translate to “Dude” or “Homie,” but it also can signify either disappointment or agreement, depending on the context. 

In this context, it could very well mean “Smash”

It arrives on the heels of “Toro” [feat. DDG].

In addition to gaining steam on DSPs, OkayPlayer proclaimed, 

“The two ride the wave of the beat in a beat in a memorable way,

and CLASH hailed it “a blazing ball of fiery energy” and christened her “a true force of nature, someone who has  taken the organic street sounds of South Africa to a global audience. The track was notably her first English release since the viral “John Cena,” and continues to position the music industry disruptor as a true international force of nature.

Right now, Sho Madjozi is preparing more music for release very soon.

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