WATCH Gigi Lamayne x Rock & Co The Collaboration LAUNCH

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Rocking into Summer, 2 brands collide! Never has there been a collaboration as fitting as the Gigi Lamayne x Rock & Co brands.

Sexy, savvy, cheeky, classy, the launch for the new shoe range saw a culmination of the best in entertainment come together to celebrate this monumental love affair.

The likes of Nomuzi Mabena, aka Moozlie, Bujy, Nicole Nyaba, Musiholiq, Touchline, Lord Script, to name but a few, all came in their numbers to celebrate with their industry friends.

Gigi Lamayne became the first female hip-hop artist to have a shoe-range, which is why Rock & Co was the perfect brand to enter a partnership with.

We spoke to the lady of the moment and asked her about why she chose this particular brand to do a collab with:

“The biggest privilege is working with Rock&Co as a partner in their summer range for 2022. I’m super excited about 2023 just being able to make history as a female hip hop artist and getting young girls who aren’t able to afford international brands that have the same look and feel at a more affordable price. It’s a beautiful thing that I started this phenomenal collection before the age of 30. What I like about the summer collection is that there’s something that every girl can take from. My personal favourite are the Hypnotic and the Theatra heels, simply because they are bold, unconventional and super comfortable. I take this as a generational privilege because my own mom did not have all that she desires, shoes were a privilege in their time. I’m super grateful to be having an opportunity to heal generational curses, also the chance to represent access of shoes and so many women across Africa is brilliant. This is not about making money but creating a partnership legacy for the future and opening up doors for other artists within the same industry as me”.

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