Lady Zamar releases an Amapiano single DEEPER

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Having finally let the cat out of the bag about her upcoming third studio album, Rainbow, Lady Zamar is now ready to give her listeners another taste of what’s to come.

The Thembisa-born superstar has followed up the album pre-add announcement by releasing Deeper, a song that talks which shows off a different side of her storytelling on this project.

On Rainbow, Lady Zamar has promised we will here new and exciting sides to her vocal performance.

Everything from her range(which has expanded following voice surgeries, extending training and tireless practice) to her songwriting, which has seen her shift between the conceptual and the straightforward.

Another interesting shift is her sound. On Deeper, her second single from Rainbow after 2023’s Castles, we hear Lady Zamar exploring modern amapiano with the help of production duo, Mega Drums, who were influential on the overall direction of the album.

Lady Zamar is no stranger to the amapiano scene and is credited among artists who were early to adopt the sound before it became mainstream. Amapiano influences can be heard in her early work with Junior Taurus including the record Cotton Candy which had the hit single Mamelodi.

With a soulful, log-drum backed instrumental, Lady Zamar sings about looking for a more meaningful connection in an era where finding love requires more and more discernment.

Along with her vocals and storytelling, Lady Zamar’s signature production touch can still be heard on what is one of the biggest shifts in her musical sound since her early career.


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