Murumba Pitch have released their second single “Ewallet”

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Murumba Pitch have released their second single, “Ewallet”. This vastly anticipated release comes after the success of their first single “Umoya“, which got their fans and new listeners thrilled about their upcoming album “Isidalo”.

Murumba Pitch and Mthunzi featured the talents of Omit ST and Buhle Sax on the single.

With its infectious melody and compelling lyrics, the track delivers a powerful message urging guys to take care of their partners financially.

In a world where expressions of love often come in various forms, “Ewallet” shines a spotlight on the importance of financial support in relationships.

The song encourages men to understand and embrace their role in providing for their partners’ needs, such as nails, hair, and other essentials.

With its smooth vocals and soulful saxophone interludes, “Ewallet” not only entertains but also educates, emphasizing the significance of nurturing a strong and caring bond by attending to both emotional and practical aspects of a relationship.

This track is a heartfelt reminder that love goes beyond words and gestures, extending to the thoughtful and tangible ways we support and cherish our loved ones.

The full album is set to be released on the 8th of February 2024.


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