DBN Gogo finally releases her latest EP Clickbait

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Internationally renowned amapiano sensation, DBN Gogo, is thrilled to announce the release of her latest EP, Clickbait, which is now available for streaming on all major platforms.

The dynamic DBN Gogo has made an iconic career out of her electrifying performances and innovative blend of sounds while captivating audiences worldwide with chart-topping singles.

Hailing from Durban and honing her craft in Pretoria after living in Europe for part of her childhood, DBN Gogo’s unique upbringing and experiences have always been a strong influence in her eclectic sound.

This musicality is on display once again as Clickbait serves as a testament to DBN Gogo’s creative growth. From the traditional Amapiano vibes of Inkunzi to the AfroTech-infused money anthem Mali Mali , each track on the EP offers a unique glimpse into DBN Gogo’s musical universe.

The EP’s latest single, Sting Ray, has already had fans dancing in 2024, setting the stage for the EP’s release with its infectious energy and undeniable groove. Tracks like SKOROKORO and Ubumnandi see DBN Gogo paying homage to her roots while pushing the boundaries of the amapiano as genre.

Clickbait also sees DBN Gogo’s love for music across all spheres shine as she samples Benny Benassi’s famous electro hit, Satisfaction on the EP’s lead single SAdesFaKSHen. With a range of strong collaborations including Atmos Blaq, Yumbs, Durban’s Finest and more, this new EP looks to have a sound for every listener’s palette.

DBN Gogo’s Clickbait is now available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major digital platforms.

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