DJ Menace introduces the anticipated Dance Gospel EP

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DJ Menace makes a remarkable return to the mainstream music scene with his EP ‘BACK TO THE MAINSTREAM EP’ which can be described as spiritual.

The renowned DJ is known for his classic hits like ‘Coffee’, which is featured on the EP as a bonus track, and who can forget his contribution to the classic sing-along ‘Money Maker’ alongside Smallz delivers a spiritual body of work that will resonate with many.

‘Back To The Mainstream’ is a 7-track EP with lead single ‘NKATEKO’ alongside Gospel sensation Urban Matjila. Urban Matjila describes this experience as one for the books.

DJ Menace has provided him with a first-time opportunity to record a Gospel song on a Dance beat. ‘Nkateko’ is a meaningful song to DJ Menace, the song was inspired by the hardships he faced throughout his journey in the music space.

The body of work infuses Gospel and Dance music embodying the potential to cater to a wider if not global audience. Dance Gospel showcases the rich tapestry of human experience through the universal language of dance.

Audiences will be swept away by the passion and precision of each song. At its core, ‘Back To The Mainstream’ is a celebration of faith and community.

Through the transformative power of music, the collaborators share their personal stories of belief and resilience, inspiring audiences to embrace their journey with renewed strength and purpose.


1. DJ Menace – We Want Some More

2. DJ Menace ft Urban Matjila – Nkateko

3. DJ Menace ft Urban Matjila – Bophelo Ke Wena

4. DJ Menace – Ketle (Indigenous Influence)

5. DJ Menace ft Mphela Mphela – Fake Friends

6. DJ Mencae ft Speedy – Siyabonga

7. DJ Menace – Coffee (Bonus Track)

Now, after some time away from the limelight, DJ Menace is returning with a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh perspective on his craft. DJ Menace’s return to the music scene is sure to be met with excitement and anticipation from fans old and new alike.

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