Ök Mörda Music Video Is Officially On Your Screens!

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The perfect music video for the superhit Ök Mörda has finally arrived! Mörda, DJ Zinhle, Mthandazo Gatya and Vth Season recording artist Nhlonipho shine in this newly released visual offering that combines fun, love and nostalgia.

This vibrant visual masterpiece encapsulates the joy of young love and carefree moments, which is most fitting as the song itself talks of a guy choosing and professing his love for a girl.

The music video showcases couples enjoying playful moments, battling it out on arcade games, and celebrating the bliss of being in love.

Ök Mörda forms part of the highly decorated and multiple Award nominated Asante II.

“I am really excited about this one. I can’t wait for everyone to experience the visuals and vibe with the song. Listening to a track is one thing, but seeing the visuals really brings the song’s essence to life. It’s all about love and having a great time!”,

says Nhlonipho.

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