Josiah De Disciple’s “Sounds Of Gomora Vol. 2” Achieves Gold Certification

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Josiah De Disciple, the pioneering force behind the Amapiano movement, has once again left an indelible mark on the music scene with his 2023 project, “Sounds Of Gomora Vol. 2: The Healers Avenue,” which has officially been certified gold.

Released in 2023, “Sounds Of Gomora Vol. 2: The Healers Avenue” comprises eight tracks that seamlessly blend spiritual moods with deep grooves, creating an album deeply rooted in the essence of healing.

Each track on the album exudes a unique energy, transporting listeners on a captivating sonic journey.

The standout track, “Amanga,” featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Maline Aura, has emerged as the album’s flagship anthem. With its infectious beats and uplifting lyrics, “Amanga” encapsulates the resilience and triumph over adversity that Josiah De Disciple embodies. Reflecting on the win, Josiah remarked,

“Even with the odds against us we prevail. Own lane own pace.”

Josiah De Disciple’s innovative approach to Amapiano has solidified his position as a trailblazing sensation within the genre.

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