WATCH Azana & Sam Deep Chat About Joint EP Kwa Khanya

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Azana, a distinguished songwriter, singer, and performer, and Sam Deep, a renowned producer, have delighted fans with the release of their six-track EP, “Kwa Khanya.”

This project embraces spirituality through music, merging the soulful, jazzy, and slow tempo with Azana’s soothing textures and varied vocal ranges.

The title “Kwa Khanya” translates to “There is light” in both Zulu and Xhosa. The EP serves as a profound awakening to the power of God and ancestors, emphasising the constant presence of guardian angels through good and bad times.

The lead single, “BOGOGO,” highlights the dangers of envy and jealousy from those around you, therefore seeking spiritual guidance and protection is paramount.

The lyrics, “Umona, umona, umona umona usuke eswele kufikeli hliziyo baze bapenduka abathakhathi,” emphasize the destructive nature of these emotions.

“Kwa Khanya” features producers such as Da Muziqal Chef, De Mthuda, Yumbs, Thabza Tee, and Zar keys. This collaboration promises fans a unique blend of styles, with each track reflecting the spiritual and emotional depth of the artists’ experiences and beliefs.

The EP’s rich musicality and powerful messages are poised to captivate listeners, offering a truly immersive experience. LISTEN HERE

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