Majaivane celebrates heritage through Sbujwa dance

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The new generation has become so focused on what’s current that they have forgotten and lost sight of their heritage.

There is no better way to celebrate one’s heritage, than by acknowledging and celebrating it for the whole world to see.

Sweet Lemonade, a talented Majaivane (dancer) who’s popular for her Amapiano dance videos on social media, has decided to celebrate heritage month, by embracing and paying homage to various South African dance styles that she has been exposed to since childhood.

Leading up to Heritage Day on 24th September, Sweet Lemonade has released four videos of four different dance styles, that were shot at four different locations, showcasing her diversity while exposing her audience to South African dance heritage.

On this video she showcases a dance called Sbujwa which is a South African dance style that was born in Soweto and got so big that it was featured in the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

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