Darque chats electronic music & shares insights

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Electronic Music producer, Molapo Malatji known in music space, as Darque is fast-becoming the most trusted ear in music.

His work with the likes of Da Capo, Kyle Deutsch, Bucie, Tumelo, Kaylow has established him as the go-to guy for sensual, afro and tech sounds internationally.

His dream of standing upon the shoulders of giants with revere, to become a reputable artist and a legend, is not to be taken lightly.

Being the youngest producer to have collaborated with Black Coffee and regular mentorship with Shimza, Darque’s destiny is rapidly becoming a reality.

Darque was introduced to music by his father, who raised him on afro / jazz greats like Saleif Keita & Fela Kuti. He then envisioned himself as the intermediary between good music & the world.

Darque has over the years made a name for himself as one of the best djs & dance music producers in South Africa. His unique sounds and reputation has now captured the international markets!

Darque’s biography became an eye catcher and it continues to grow as he goes!

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