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Iconic South African pasta brand Fattis and Monis recently launched the 2021 edition of their Collect-A-Pack campaign, aimed at schools across South Africa and Botswana.

The objective of the campaign is to encourage learners in primary and secondary schools to collect as many empty Fattis and Monis packs as they can, in order to win prizes for themselves and their schools.

Key to the campaign is an enterprise development leg which has improved the lives of people across the country, while also showcasing the Fattis and Monis brand’s “green” credentials.

The collected Fattis and Monis packs have been recycled to create bricks which can be used to build and amend school facilities – which embodies the brand’s mantra of “freedom to create.”

“As a marketer it is pivotal to meaningfully impact your consumer’s lives, while embodying what your brand’s essence is rooted in”

says Thembi Sehloho, Marketing Director for Rice and Pasta at Tiger Brands South Africa.

“This is why it was important for Fattis and Monis to build a campaign which uplifts our schools, while simultaneously making a positive impact on the environment.”

Since the campaign kicked off in 2018, the funds won by the schools have been used for various improvements such as stationery and maintaining school grounds.

This year, a remarkable total of R250 000 is up for grabs for schools to win their share of.

“As a mother, I’m so excited to be working with a brand that really gets it”

says actress Thembi Seete, who is the media personality that has been chosen to partner with the brand this year

“It’s great to see young minds get excited about being participants in changing their own circumstances”

she continued.

The Collect-a-pack campaign was officially launched at JB Marks Primary in Soweto today, this was extra special as one of the learners of the school at JB Marks also received a prize for the best creation of what best represents their future-self using Fattis and Monis packaging.

Winners of the school that collected the most packs will be announced at the end of each government school term.

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