DJ Maphorisa and Jack Parow Collab Continues To Wow Audience

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KONINGS, a collaboration between the best artist in the Amapiano world and the best Afrikaans rapper, has impressed fans worldwide. 

Jack Parow is a bit of a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma to borrow from Churchill. Still, he likes to jol: his work doesn’t venture down political lines all that much but more along the lines of parties, happy hours, brandy, and coke.

Enter DJ Maphorisa, stage left, bringing the smouldering tunes of Amapiano with him. 

So, How do you merge the powerful Amapiano style of the sounds of the kasi – a combination of deep house, throbbing basslines and jazzy lounge music – with the hard-rapping expletive-laden style of Afrikaans innovator Jack Parow?

“I’m all about collaboration and creating new sounds,”

said Maphorisa. 

“In my career, I have touched everything from afro pop, afro beat, gqom, and now Amapiano, so the idea wasn’t too far-fetched. Anyway, Amapiano vocals are somewhat rapping in vernacular, so Afrikaans rap wasn’t going to be too difficult.  “It was easy and quick,” said Parow of the recording process. “We just clicked, and it just worked.”

Maphorisa agreed.

“Overall, it was good vibes,”

he said.

“We clocked the song so quickly. Parow is very easy to work with, and he totally gets the importance of collaboration. He has good vibes and good energy.” 

View the Konings video here – KONINGS

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