Benzo has dropped his newest Amapiano single called “Isdenge”

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Imali hitmaker Benzo has dropped his newest Amapiano single called “Isdenge” featuring the greatest music producer and DJ, Heavy K and the soothing vocalist and songwriter Lu Ngobo. 

The song “Isdenge” is about a woman who has had enough of her relationship, including the trials and deception she has had to put up with. Isdenge, which translates to “a fool,” is the word she uses to express her decision to end the relationship.

Lu Ngobo, who also sings the song, also wrote the lyrics of the song. 

Two DJs and producers came together to make this amazing song.

“I love this song because so many people can relate to it and can identify with it in terms of relationships and how it makes them feel about their love lives.I am extremely grateful that Heavy K and Lu Ngobo are part of this wonderful song.”

Commented Benzo.

“This was a fun song to make and write about as it talks about relatable issues when it comes to love and relationships. Honestly cannot wait for y’all to hear this one. I really enjoyed working with Benzo and Heavy K”.

Said Lu Ngobo 

The song is out on all digital platforms, listen to “Isdenge” featuring Heavy K & Lu Ngobo here: 

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