WATCH Ginelio De Silva on COTERIE event & music

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Global footwear company brand Converse has recently awarded Ginelio Da Silva (22) as the recipient of the 2022 All Star Projects Program.

Converse is passionate about supporting young emerging creatives and have created a global accelerator program that invests in directly supporting the All-Star communities who are passionate about growing their creative disciplines in music, art, sustainability, fashion and sport, and constantly breaking boundaries through their next .

On the 19th of August, Ginelio De Silva took a bold move through music and fashion through a festival titled COTERIE which place in Pretoria at the African Beer Emporium.

“The project addresses the need for connectedness and bringing people from different backgrounds together, it also addresses the need for opportunities and exposure for new artists and creatives in their fields;”

says Ginelio De Silva.

This festival is set to have various artists across various genres and backgrounds with the hopes of bringing different audiences together who have a shared love for music in one space.

This platform will also give an opportunity for young and upcoming artists in music and fashion to showcase their clothes on these festival stages.

“After five years I hope the project will have impacted multiple artists and designers careers helping them grow, furthermore, I hope the project will inspire other promoters and event organizers to give opportunities to new artists who deserve to be given a break;”

he adds.

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