Inga Hina makes a return with a single titled “Emalini”

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Following the release of her debut album “Promises To Makhulu” in 2021, South African female singer and songwriter ‘Inga Hina’ is set to make a return with her first single of the year titled “Emalini” which she collaborates with award winning producer, ‘Drumpope’.

The single is set to drop across all streaming platforms on the 15th of September 2023.

‘Emalini’ was inspired by a deep desire to make life easier, not just for yourself but for everyone close to the heart.

It expresses how much you want to break generational curses for peace and reassuring your loved ones that everything will work out regardless of past traumas.

The song has a spiritual anthem that heals people’s hearts when they are going through the same situation. Afro soul singing sensation pours all her emotions with a powerful voice that heals souls.

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