Msaki performs Ubomi Abumanga with acoustic guitar

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Oh man, this just made me teary – Msaki performs her hit song with Sun-El Musician, Ubomi Abumanga with an acoustic guitar.

Msaki is a composer and singer-songwriter from East London, she is every deep house producer’s collaboration dream because she is very enlightened when it comes to songwriting.

‘Urgghhh… to think I almost didn’t post this coz I thought it had too many mistakes 😩… I declare 2021 as the year of sharing many imperfect things. I declare this as a year to share more as we let our gifts and opportunities show us new things. As we look for new ways of making life continue I wish you grace and for it to be available in abundance for yourself as you extend it to others’

Msaki captioned this video on social media.

Ubomi Abumanga by Sun-EL Musician featuring Msaki is a certified hit with over 400K views on YouTube in just one month, the audio version has over one million views.

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