Rouge names her top five Amapiano artists & future plans

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So we caught up with Deko Barbara-Jessica Wedi who is professionally known as Rouge at #TheLiteShow studio and she chat about her future plans as she also revealed her top five #Amapiano artists in South Africa.

Just in case you forgot who the Queen of S.A. RAP is Rouge is here to remind you that she still occupies the throne. She is on another level and cannot be compared to anyone.

She recently released W.A.G., aka WhatsApp Group, featuring French rapper Youssoupha and the legendary rapper Sarkodie. From the exceptional beat to the unforgettable flow, Rouge delivers like no other.

Her featured artists, like French rapping Youssoupha, gives fans something different with smooth French lyrics, while Sarkodie closes it off with his measured rhymes and masterful storytelling skills.

Watch this interview as she chats about what’s keeping her busy these days.

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