Artwork Sounds chat Isghubhu Cover & Nothing Better Album

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In celebration of their new album, Nothing Better, Apple Music recently announced house music duo, Artwork Sounds (George Lesley & Soultronixx), as the next Isgubhu cover star.

“Being chosen for this campaign is true testament to the notion that hard work pays off. It is an honour we could have only dreamt of. It is evidence that we are being heard, and that our music is finally making a mark. This brings us much joy! Now we will strive to be consistent in delivering nothing but quality music,”

the duo excitedly tells Apple Music.

Artwork Sounds have crafted an uplifting album in Nothing Better that’s a loud and proud call to the dance floor.

Featuring a Zulu ballad, a throwback to the rich days of ‘90s R&B, and anthemic gospel calls to action, all underpinned by melodic house grooves, this is an album that refuses to be bound by genre constraints.

The duo have also created an exclusive Isgubhu playlist that features 26 tracks that have impacted their music and embody Africa’s dance scene.

On this interview, Soultronixx chats about the duo’s journey.

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