Mobi Dixon features Mariechan on When House Was House

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Sit back and relax as you listen to these beautiful melodies accompanied by the amazing angelic vocals from Mariechan compiled by Mobi Dixon as he takes us on a journey back to When House Was House, enjoy the single from the duo!

The hit-maker is back and setting the roof on fire with this jam, as if that is not enough damage Mariechan comes in with her pipes pouring petrol to the fire. T

his jam is the next best thing in the house music genre, a sound of electronic dance music with a touch of that SA sauce and when it comes to music production the rhythm of the song has a beautiful flow of lyrics and sounds that conduct a motion so delightful it stimulates nostalgic memories back to When House Was House.

This is going to be the best summer we have ever had since the virus paused the fun! The summer of taking back our lives regardless of the pandemic, featuring vaxxed huns and gents, good music, clean vibes and jolly people all around having a blast! This song paints a picture so clear that you already see yourself by the pool side dancing in your swim wear with your drink in hand having the best summer21!!

The song that takes us on a nostalgic journey this summer, back to When House Was House.

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