Era by DJ Zinhle Partners with NS Impact Foundation for Limited Edition Watch

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Philanthropic organisation, NS Impact Foundation, is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Era by DJ Zinhle and to raise awareness for 16 Days of Activism and farther on for No Violence against Women and Children.

Exclusively partnering with leading online fashion retailer,, NS Impact Foundation together with Era by DJ Zinhle will be running a campaign to raise funds for an anti-GBV shelter through the sale of the limited-edition watch.

This exclusive watch represents a declaration against gender-based violence and stands as a badge of honour in support of the global #16DaysOfActivism campaign and beyond. By purchasing the #TimeForChange watch, consumers will be raising awareness around the jarring statistics of violent crimes against women and children prevalent in our country.

Unapologetically, the powerful campaign highlights the importance of women in the community and the role they play; it boldly stands against the outrageous cases of murder, rape and violence being reported in our country daily.

Set in a classic Era by DJ Zinhle casing, the #TimeForChange watch powerfully captures the important message and reaffirms that a woman is a rock in the popular Zulu saying “Wathint’ abafazi, wathint’ imbokodo”. NS Impact Foundation has partnered with to ensure that the public can access the limited-edition watch for purchase.

“The statistics of gender-based violence in South Africa remain shocking, which is why we felt it was important for us to partner NS Impact on this initiative. We believe that this initiative will not only help raise awareness about gender-based violence in our country, but that the funds raised will make a difference in the lives of women and children at Green Door”

David Cohen, co-CEO at

NS Impact Foundation CEO Nosipho Fakude had this to say about the significance of this collaborative campaign,

“As an NGO that has firmly adopted the United Nations’ sustainability goal for gender equality, we hear of different GBV cases daily. This forms part of our core focus and this has served as an important reason to drive a campaign that uplifts women who are in domestic abusive homes, especially during this awareness period against GBV.”

Further highlighting what the foundation stands for, Fakude went on to share,

“Our core belief and value at NS Impact Foundation is to aid those less fortunate by doing a good deed a day. We have had an incredible year as a foundation with our various campaigns such as Breaking Bread where we fed over 1000 people in KZN communities; and more recently where we aided the elderly community in Soweto with a physical wellness day. As 16 Days of Activism wraps up across the globe, we knew we had to do something impactful and meaningful to highlight what this period stands for and continue in the fight against gender based violence.”

Having worked with DJ Zinhle for projects such as Breaking Bread, Nosipho Fakude went on to share how the partnership with Era by DJ Zinhle came about.

“Through our standing relationship with our ambassadors at NS Impact Foundation, we are able do more to help communities in need. We are honored to have partnered with DJ Zinhle once again for this vital campaign against the battle we are currently facing in the country.”

The watch is now available for purchase on, with all proceeds of the watch going towards Green Door, a GBV Safe Haven for victims – which has been identified as a beneficiary for this campaign. Located in Diepsloot, Johannesburg; Green Door offers a lifeline that includes shelter, counselling and support to victims of gender based violence. The NGO, founded and led by Brown Lekekela, has been aiding victims since 2013, when it was launched in conjunction with the South Africa’s 16 Days of Activism.

NS Impact Foundation encourages all to raise their voice and take a stand against GBV.

“Gender based violence is destroying our homes, our schools, our churches and our communities. Our #TimeForChange campaign is our committed contribution to the struggle against GBV and dedication to all the women and children who have fallen victim to this atrocious injustice,”

concludes Fakude.

The #TimeForChange limited edition watch as presented by NS Impact Foundation in partnership with Era by DJ Zinhle, is exclusively available for purchase through leading online retail store

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