WATCH LADY X finally releases Wela video featuring Cornelius SA

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Lady X is known for that authentic raw unfiltered tone in her voice and her bold, unapologetic persona, that translates beautifully in her music.

Set in the tranquil, panoramic and undulating hills and mountains of the Hoyo Hoyo Machado stud farm in Machado Dorp. Lady X takes her audience through a journey of self discovery and self expression in a visual story from a dark chapter in her life where she almost gave up on herself and her dreams. In this visual story, Lady X uses the hills and mountains as a figurative reference to life and the obstacles life may throw at you, the river scenes are the moments you give up on yourself, lose yourself and give up on life. The cattle and open fields with money is the day your dreams and goals come into fruition, because with perseverance and rising up after you fall, you will win.

‘Wela is a song that came out of me when I got back into studio because I thought I wouldn’t do it again. It is the story of my journey in life and in my career. It is a song for the person that needs to hear; this too shall pass, rise above your circumstance, keep pushing through and believing in yourself.’

Lady X


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