Soulful G on her latest release ‘Asiyeke’

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Chart-topping duo Soulful G and Soa Mattrix are back with yet another banger! This one is titled ‘Asiyeke’, this one can be described as a break-up song compared to their multi-platinum-selling single ‘Uthando‘. The award-winning songstress is known for her ability to tell stories based on subjective experiences through her music.

This release comes after the success of her single ‘Don’t tatazel’ with industry newbie Segos Pumpkin, Mabozza, and King Monopoly.

Asiyeke is a relatable song reason being the fact that everyone goes through a breakup, whether it is a break-up between lovers or friends.

On Asiyeke Soulful G is on the verge of giving up on the relationship, the title is self-explanatory, and the word directly translates to let’s stop or let’s leave it, she delivers the message beautifully and in the best way, she knows how, with soul.

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