Mystery Amapiano DJ Duo 2WO Bunnies to Jet Off To UK

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The 2WO Bunnies have certainly grabbed the attention of international folk, after making their mark in urban spaces in South Africa and Africa as a whole.

Their signature bunny masks are creating the hype, as the UK and UAE have caught onto this duo with their killer fashion sense, fire moves and sick beats creating the remarkable moment for them to perform abroad. 

With only been on the scene for a short space of time, Tanzania and Ghana on their books and the 60 gigs they have lined up for the summer season, these 2WO Bunnies are set to take the local and international music scene to a whole new level – Clearly their ambition to go global was not out of reach. 

As Amapiano takes the world by storm, the 2WO Bunnies seem to be in the eye of that storm and they are bringing us along for the ride. 

To see 2WO Bunnies in international spaces and arenas, the International Tour Dates Include: 

–       9 December 2022 – King of Clubs, Birmingham UK 

–       10 December 2022 – BEC Arena, Manchester UK 

–       11 December 2022 – E1 London Venue, London UK 

–       17 December 2022 – Dubai 

To purchase tickets to see this mysterious pair of Amapiano animals:



To immerse yourself in the world of 2WO Bunnies, have a listen to their music here:  

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