Mandz Not Hot releases second single IMALI

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Mandisa Jakuvula, popularly known as Mandz Not Hot to fans who found her through her Tik Tok “sho dnx” content, is due to release her second single titled “IMALI”, featuring S.eemah_x and Zwano, this Friday, 10 February.

The single is part of the multi-talented social media sensation’s quest to leave her mark in the entertainment industry.

Mandz Not Hot, who has previously mentioned that she was afraid of taking a leap into the music industry, will be conquering that fear, and stepping out on faith with this second single. 

“IMALI” talks about the root of all evil: the love of money, and how money can be a curse. The song opens with the lines, “Imali iyisiqalekiso, Imali iyasixabanisa” which translates to “Money is a curse, Money makes us fight”, then continues and says “Ngik’thanda ungena mali, ngikthand’ ungena lutho” which translates to “I love you without money or anything else” 

“This song aims to remind people that love shouldn’t be centered around worldly possessions. It was inspired by the fact that we want to break the stereotype of “women don’t love broke men”. The song encourages loving for love,”

says Mandz Not Hot.

“IMALI” features fellow social media sensation, S.eemah_x and kwaito legend, Brown Dash’s son, Zwano. 

Zwano, who is following his late father’s footsteps and upholding his legacy through music, brings in the authentic kwaito feel and sound to the song with his lyrics “wena uthanda mina noma wena ufuna imali… and angikho daar ngiz’funela nje uthando.” Which translates to “do you love me, or do you want money? … All I just want is your love”. 

Nhlonipho, who worked on the production of the song, shared,

“IMALI is a song about money in a relationship. It speaks mainly about how money can make or destroy a relationship. It is a song that encourages people to love someone sincerely without them being wealthy. Love a person for who they are, not what they have.”

Check out “IMALI” on all digital music platforms and enjoy a chilled Amapiano sound with the ones you truly love.

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