Thupa Industry gears for Ezase Thupa Class of 2023 album

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Class of 2023 are you ready? The leaders of Amapiano Thupa Industry together with their musical principal Busta 929 are rumored to release a 10-track album titled ‘Ezase Thupa Class of 2023 Term 1’ at the end of February.

Thupa Industry is a record label founded by South African renowned producer and DJ Busta 929 who is known for putting on young creatives.

This body of work is no different, the Thupa Industry camp comes together to deliver a fun-filled album featuring various established artists within the Amapiano scene such as Mawhoo, Kabza De Small, 2woshort, Zuma, and rising stars like stompiiey, Scotts Mphuma, Cowboy de vocalist, Deeper Phil, and Kopzz Avenue just to name a few.

Ezase Thupa Chlass of 2023 is an album by Busta 929, Almighty, DJY Vino, Knowley-D, Lolo SA, Msamaria, Xavi Yentin, Zwesh SA, Z2A and 20TY Soundz.

Thupa Industry introduces the album with the first two singles ‘Okay’ and ‘Abagibeli. On Friday the 3rd of February the first single by Almighty ‘Okay’ dropped, this song is also the first single on the album.

The release of Okay is followed by the release of ‘Abagibeli’ by KNOWLEY-D on the 17th of February. This number features the amazing vocalist Mawhoo and can be found as track 4 on the album.

‘Moya’ has a soulful feel to it, the instrumentals used in the production are Jazz infused, but Busta 929 stays true to his sound with his unique use of the log drum.

Amapiano is redefined with the third track ‘KVK’. DJY Vino takes us on an instrumental trip with this jam delivering a tune perfect for the dancefloor and indoor chilled vibes.

Lolo SA puts the street in Amapiano with ‘Run Flat’, the fifth track on the album. This number has a commercial feel to it making this a great sing-along for Mzansi.

‘Tsekeleke’ is named after the late Kwaito star. Msamaria takes us back to the early 2000s with the sound of Kwaito and tells a straightforward story about life in the township.

Xavi Yentin is no stranger to the game, he is one of the rising artists to come from 2022. ‘Skeem Saka’ is a heartfelt song about friendship.

‘Palesa’ is a certified groove anthem by Zwesh SA with raps delivered by Ama Roto’s other half Zuma.

Pointing season has just begun, ‘Point at them’ by Z2A is one for the culture. In 2022 Mzansi created a dance around the classic remake of Tobetsa, since then it has become part of the Amapiano culture.

Closing off the project is ‘Mercedes’ another groove anthem by 20TY Soundz. This is an entire song dedicated to the luxury car brand.

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