BosPianii features SponchMakhekhe on new track Ubsuku Bonke

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Probably described as the under dogs, but BosPianii has been making groundbreaking music from the onset. The song ‘Kokota’, which featured the late Killer Kau, became South Africa’s national anthem at the verge of Amapiano music breaking into mainstream or as a commercial sound in the country; and the duo was behind it.

Fast forward into 2023 and they are back at it with a song that they are a lead on titled ‘Ubsuku Bonke’. The song has been receiving warm reception without it being officially released.

BosPianii features Sponch Makhekhe on the song and from how it has been described the collective seems to have a formidable chemistry when it comes to making music.

The first being ‘Baba Wam’, which is a song that they have released together and has been receiving some awesome love from the country as well!

‘Ubsuku Bonke’ is a love song with Sponch Makhekhe delivering soothing lyrics about the undying love one can have for their partner.

The song aids to BosPainii’s production capability of being magic stones in knowing how to put together amazing music. The demand leading to ‘Ubsuku Bonke’s release goes without saying.

With that said, ‘Ubsuku Bonke’ is one of the most anticipated releases to come out of 2023!

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