Josi Chave is ready to Make Your Dlozi Dance

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Josi Chave is teaming with Upcoming Versatile Deejay & Producer, DJ Naira with a Afro house Dance floor filler featuring Vocalist Sontshikazi, titled MOLO.

MOLO is usually used as a chant or a greeting in Xhosa and the lyrics spread this profound message that ‘the faith that we have is of our great grandparents /forefathers’ (Ukholololu olokhokho).

Dropping on the 24 November via all Streaming Platforms. Nothing Excites Josi More than unearthing fresh talent as we have seen over the years, his ears are always glued to the heartbeat of the streets ready to spot the next biggest sound.

Co-produced with DJ Naira and SceloSamadoda.

Josi Chave Believes that music is done through great collaborative efforts

‘Music is not a one man show, the aim is to promote the idea of a spectacular showmanship in studio and amongst our industry peers on and off stage ‘

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