GoodLuck release new music with Afro-tech Duo Frigid Armadillo

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“Goodbye My Friend” isn’t just a song; it’s a captivating journey through emotive soundscapes, blending Afrobeats and an incredible lyrical narrative into a rich sonic tapestry.

This collaboration between GoodLuck and Frigid Armadillo is an exciting step in the diverse landscape of the South African music scene as the two groups combine their distinctive styles to create an exquisite song. 

Frigid Armadillo, composed of Lebo Lechela and Siyabulela Buhlungu, brings its signature production style to the table, infusing the track with a unique blend of tech and mainstream house influences.

With their debut EP “Adam’s Calendar” making waves in 2020, Frigid Armadillo has solidified its position as a dynamic force in the industry, garnering support from esteemed acts like Black Coffee, Sun-El Musician, and Prince Kaybee.

Meanwhile, GoodLuck, the beloved Cape Town trio known for their live-electronic performances and philanthropic endeavors, adds their diverse musicality to the mix.

With a string of chart-topping hits and countless sold-out shows around the globe, GoodLuck’s infectious energy and commitment to using music as a force for good shine through in this new record; “Goodbye My Friend.”

Fans can expect a nostalgic yet catchy listening experience, and as Jules’ lyrics sweep them along, the song delves into the bittersweet emotions of a heart rending breakup.

A divorce that has taken its toll on both partners but ultimately leads to growth and self-discovery and most importantly, redemption. With its introspective lyrics and irresistible rhythms, “Goodbye My Friend” promises to resonate deeply with audiences far and wide.

As GoodLuck prepares for the next chapter of their career, they remain steadfast in their commitment to creating music that uplifts and inspires.

“We know that if we keep writing great songs that can help people through all the chaos in life and if we can keep us all dancing… everything else will fall into place,” 

says the band.

“Goodbye My Friend” is the collaboration that fans will fall in love with, and early responses suggest that it’s destined to be a massive hit. 

Stream/listen to “Goodbye My Friend”:  

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