Orijin Marula announces their Mzansi brand ambassadors

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A bold new taste is about to step onto the African scene; a taste that is set to change the way we think about gin. At the warm heart of the worldwide ginaissance comes a refreshing drink that reimagines this classic, smoothing the edges of its traditionally strong and bitter flavour to deliver something lighter, warmer and friendlier; a truly African original.

Lamiez Holworthy

Orijin Marula launched in March ,as a game-changing addition to the white spirits category. Born in West Africa and crafted from distinctive African botanicals, the South African variant is gently blended with the unique smoothness of Marula to deliver a taste sensation that’s new and exciting but true to its African origins.

“Orijin Marula is an embodiment of contemporary African life,”

says Refilwe Moswane, Innovation Manager of Diageo South Africa.

“It celebrates originality and champions African excellence by challenging stereotypes. African originals don’t just passively accept and emulate what others do. They stay true to their roots, command respect, and are carving out their own place in the contemporary world. And they want a drink which reflects that.”

Orijin, she says, turns the accepted norms of what gin is – what it tastes like and how it’s enjoyed – on its head. As a brand it is about honouring authentic traditions and tastes, and building on those to move forward into a new era of new experiences. And it comfortably takes its place among established brands because Orijin’s natural expertise in blending premium quality herbal drinks is recognised by Guinness, which distributes the brand.

Ntando Duma

As a natural progression of the campaign, Orijin Marula unveils Lamiez Holworthy, Ntando Duma and Major League DJ’s Bandile and Banele Mbere as it’s brand ambassordors. The ambassadors embody the ethos of originality (orijinality) with their unique and expressive style and sense of fashion as well as their work ethics, relatability to the brand consumers and always being true to their origins.

Major League DJZ

“So step beyond G&T,”

says Refilwe.

“Ask for Orijin Marula with tonic and a slice of orange and embrace not only your origins but your own authenticity. Become your ancestors wildest dreams. Spice up your get-togethers with a smooth new taste that speaks of Africa – but doesn’t break the bank!”

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