Boohle finally reaches an incredible million milestone

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Congratulations to the South African Amapiano singer/songwriter Boohle who just reached over one million followers on Facebook. Boohle is currently one of the most influential young artists in South Africa when it comes to social media with over 358 000 Instagram followers, 43 000 Twitter followers and now a whopping one million follows on Facebook.

Thank you for the million followers on @facebookapp

Boohle posted on her Instagram account.

Boohle recently dropped an EP which is a phenomenal body of work that reflects how much dexterous Boohle is. In the project she exhibits proficiency in how she keeps a dynamic vocal range in her harmonies, and you can rest in faith that her pen game is the perfect crowning flowers to the EP.

Boohle worked with a few known names in the industry to compile and bring the EP to life, it features the legendary Ta Skipper who kills the cords, the late icon Mpura, the amazing hit-maker Busta 929 and not forgetting the last two staggering Djs and producers Ntokzin and Gaba Cannal. This is exactly what the fans wanted and more, the only downside is it will keep them hooked because the sound is addictive.

The song Amawaza showcase that Busta 929 is an amazing beat maker, producer and a professional “show-offer”. Mpura, he brings the message of the song to life with his unique style of delivering by refrain. This song needed the triumvirate to be what it is, a heat and a beautiful song to pay homage to MPURA MPURA.

Ironically the track titled Singili is the lead single, in the song Boohle is basically asking this gent ‘kanti yini’ is she single? A banger produced by the ‘Steven Segal’ hitmaker ghost Ntokzin; the songstress warns that the blow-up of the producer will be one for the books as he is the best at what he does. Ngimnandi is the following song that chats about the cheddar, Boohle is coming for the bag and everything with this EP, trust that this one will have you cashing out your pockets at her events.

And lastly we have Pillow Talk, ever been stood up after weeks of planning for your ‘date’? Even when you try to put two and two together you still cannot gather words to ask what happened, just play this song because it has all the lyrics that will do the explaining for you. Getting stood up sucks, but you know what would suck more? Not listening to this EP!!

It looks like Boohle has a bright future ahead in the music industry.

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