Mzansi TikTok creators have released an original Amapiano track

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Earlier this year, leading entertainment platform, TikTok, announced the launch of its Rising Voices incubator project in South Africa – a creator incubation program and in-app programming project open to South African creators of colour.

Today, following the success of the project’s first phase, TikTok is proud to confirm that phase two of Rising Voices is officially underway.

Introducing the next big Amapiano track, TikTok Sisonke. Listen here now: Def Jam Africa_Sisonke.

TikTok commissioned the creation of an original Amapiano song by four Rising Voices creators and the song was produced with one of the continent’s most innovative labels, Def Jam Recordings Africa.

It features the unique talents of local creators including @thozimusic, ft. @khanyisa_jaceni, @sphokuhle_n, and @pd_jokes.

While the creation of this song was funded by TikTok, the creators will receive all royalties. Furthermore, one of the big wins of the project has been the announcement that one of the creators from the programme, Thozi Music, will release his new track through Def Jam Recordings Africa.

Saul Moross, User Operations Lead for TikTok in Africa, explains that this is the next step in the project’s mission to support and amplify the voices of TikTok’s diverse creator community and drive the inclusive and collective message of togetherness [sisonke].

“Phase two will be even bigger than the last one. Instead of focusing on the core group of 100 creators, TikTok encourages the wider creator community and its users from all types of backgrounds to engage and get involved in the creation of content while promoting togetherness.”

With the song released on TikTok, as well as all major streaming platforms, a new in-app campaign has been initiated, says Moross.

“It consists of a TikTok Sisonke Dance Challenge, and #TikTokSisonke hashtag which features content showcasing the diverse and unique creator community which has come together on TikTok to celebrate their creative expression. The hashtag has already received over 34 million views on the app, with over 28 000 videos created.”

Shouneez Wilhelm, Head of Label, AfroForce1 and Def Jam Recordings Africa comments:

“Def Jam Recordings Africa and our artists are embedded in youth culture and its powerful impact on society – it is paramount for us to have our ear on the pulse, actively partnering with innovators to expand opportunities for artists, creators and fans to interact on our partners’ platforms. Working with TikTok #Sisonke, Thozi Music and the talented Rising Voices creators, has been inspiring. Providing our African artists with the support to showcase their incredible talent sits at the core of our label.”

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