Introducing new mystery DJ duo 2WO Bunnies

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Allow us to officially introduce to you a new art form – a merge of art and fashion, 2WO Bunnies – The slick new mystery DJ duo currently making their mark in urban spaces.

With a killer fashion sense, fire moves and of course their signature bunny masks – these guys are letting their tunes and the vibe speak for themselves, without speaking at all, if they can help it. 

Clearly there has been an undiscovered craving for their offering, as they have only been on the scene for a short space of time. With Tanzania on their books, Ghana in the near future, talks of performances in the UK and the 60 gigs they have lined up for the summer season, these 2WO Bunnies are set to take the local and international music scene to a whole new level. In terms of the prediction of their success, their ambition to go global is not out of reach. 

Could we be on the cusp of seeing a “Right place, right time” moment taking place right before our eyes? As Amapiano takes the world by storm, 2WO Bunnies seem to be in the eye of the storm and they are bringing us along for the ride. 

Amapiano is said to go beyond a genre of music – It is a lifestyle, and 2WO Bunnies are forging their own path within the movement, with the desire to be 2WO Bunny moguls 

While 2WO Bunny masks keep their identity a mystery – allowing their talent and taste to speak for itself – Not much can be told about where the duo came from, for their identity needs to remain a mystery, but what can be shared is that the pair have been mixing in the industry for a while. It is probable that you do in fact know the faces under the masks – they are prominent personalities – making this all the more special and interesting.

Their desire is to build something new, without the influence of their influence. To be separate from the brands they have already established.  

The 2WO Bunnies being DJs is only the launch pad for the bunnies, they are here to take over the world, as the most fashionable anonymous DUO – building the 2WO Bunny brand to be a force to be reckoned with.

Their emergence on the scene has begun with paying homage to other masters of the art of fashion, hip hop and amapiano, but they want to grow beyond this, to be known as masters of their art themselves, with the release of their own original content. Needless to say, an EP release or fashion line of their own isn’t beyond the horizon. 

With a ton of original music on the way and current collaborations with Pabi Cooper, Khanyisa Jaceni, the bunnies are already becoming strong contenders on the scene, and more impressively are fast becoming a valuable and stylish part of the culture. 


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