Roger Goode on his favorite local deejays & upcoming projects

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We recently caught up with Roger Goode at the 2022 Spring Fiesta festival and he opened up about his favorite deejays, South African music as well as his upcoming music releases.

He has hosted radio shows on FM, DAB and online streams, live from some of the best party destinations in the world. Ibiza, New York and Paris.

He’s explored the underbelly of Los Angeles as a host on MTV for the VMA’s. He has brought you shows from a private jet on a world tour with Rihanna, from the Miami winter music conference, music festivals, clubs and house parties from all corners of the globe.

The station producer, imaging creator and voice of Africa’s largest urban music station, Metro FM. He has written soundtracks for films and commercials, music and sound effects for video games.

Roger Goode has created a wide range of content for multimedia agencies and has appeared on televised talent shows as a celebrity guest judge.

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