Masterpiece YVK  dedicates his project ‘Son Of A King’ to his legacy

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Today Amapiano Masterpiece YVK  dedicates his project ‘Son Of A King’ to his legacy, King of Amapiano Kabza De Small  and his new-born son as the two people that motivate him to keep going.

The musician set the tone to the album ‘Son of A King’ with a  drop of leading single on Thursday, 27th October 2022 titled ‘Konnichiwa’. Listen to ‘Son Of A King’ here.

The musician is  one of Kabza De Small’s prodigy and dubs himself son of a king in this music industry  and father of a future king.

‘Son Of A King’ is about Masterpiece realising his  purpose, his  role in the music industry and what legacy and mark he is destined to leave in the music industry.

The realisation of Masterpieces power and purpose comes from the core theme from the film, The Lion King. The narrative of Simba being an outcast for allegedly killing his father which was false.

This narrative speaks to Masterpiece story in the music industry where he felt like an  outcast as a result of hanging around the wrong people and taking bad advices, which led to him distancing himself from the entire  industry.

This album stating  his the son of a king means he finally understands his strengths and weakness and his role in the industry.

He says he is just not an artist but his a son of a king in the music industry and the birth of his son further drove his passion as his son is the next son of a king to continue his legacy as his heir.

See Track list and listen: Here


Thabang  Kgotso  Kganakgawas  born  in  Delmas  Mpumalanga  and  raised  in Tembisa, Gauteng. Thabang better known as Masterpiece started venturing into the industry as an MC doing gigs around Gauteng and after some time caught the attention of Leehleza and Kabza De Small. His musical career began in 2018 where  he  worked  alongside  multiplatinum-selling  artist  Kabza  De  Small  on  an unreleased  project.  Masterpiece  has  won  multiple  awards  such  as  the  011 Awards 2021 Artist of the Year & the City Awards National Award 2021 Artist of the Year. Thabang has worked with various artists such as Dj Stokie “Superman”, Kabza  De  Small  “Remix”,  Busta  929  &  Mr  JazziQ,  “Monate”  and  many  more. Masterpiece  continues  to  be  an  inspiration  to  the  youth  and  paves  the  way forward for young artists in the industry.

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