The Kweyema Brothers choose Piano over Poverty on their debut album

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Over the years Amapiano has become a way for creatives to overcome poverty in Mzansi.

Amapiano has opened doors and provided platforms for young producers and singers as well as songwriters, and because of this, the genre took the world by storm influencing international acts like Jorja Smith to jump on the South African-originated unique sound.

Many jobs were created within the South African entertainment industry.

Kweyema Brothers are a local South African duo formed by Benny Maverick and Stanky Deejay.

The brothers had their breakthrough in 2021 with their 3-track Amapiano EP ‘Mpumalanga’ which features one of South Africa’s biggest dance hits ‘Impilo YaseSandton’ and ‘Idlozi’ featuring Abidoza, Thabiso Lavish, 12am and the late Mpura. This was the start of freedom from poverty.

The Kweyama Brothers have since become household names in the Amapiano space, they have managed to stay consistent in releasing singles and collaborating with other musicians to this point.

In September this year, the Kweyema Brothers release their debut album titled ‘Piano Over Poverty’, inspired by the culture that is within the genre as well as the KZN sound.

The title of the album speaks about the social change that is happening in and around this music category.

  1. ‘Bhut’John’ introduces the project and is guaranteed to leave you glued to the dancefloor. This track can be described as a groove anthem, speaking on alcoholic beverages that are currently popular in the party scene: Azul tequila and Jagermeister.
  2. Coming in after Bhut’John is ‘Yugo Bomb’, a perfect instrumental track to vibe for any setting any day of the week, whether you are at Mogodu Monday or enjoying a cold beer on a Wednesday evening at home.
  3. ‘Otsotsi’ was released earlier this year as the single that leads the album. The track makes for a great sing-along with its catchy chorus and undeniable production.
  4. Coming in hot is ‘Ikhwela’, an ultimate club banger. This number can be described as instrumental heaven with unique phrases and adlibs.
  5. ‘Balele’ is a remake of the classic Kabelo hit balele: the brothers keep the elements of hip hop as well as the house just like the original track. Many fans of the Kabelo version will enjoy this new sound.
  6. ‘Overnight’ is another instrumental song marking that we are halfway through the album. This is a track that fans will grow to enjoy.
  7. ‘As’danse’ is a mellow track with a few vocals perfect for jamming when you are relaxing and getting up to absolutely nothing.
  8. At this point we notice a structure in how the album is put together: the next track is an instrumental titled ‘Helium’, it is not a lot, but it is too much! 
  9. ‘Iy’Khova’ will make you get your fists ready and start pouncing on the cat! This track translates to having a great time when out partying.
  10. The second last track on the album is titled ‘VSOP’ and must be one of the most interesting tracks on the album. The Kweyama Brothers collaborate with unexpected versatile artists like Blxckie to name one.
  11. ‘Brooke Logan’ is infused with Jazz and house elements making this song different from any Amapiano song you’ve heard.
  12. Closing off the album is ‘Ribas’, the Kweyama Brothers show off their unique production skills on this song. They are a force to be reckoned with.

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