DJ Maphorisa and Jack Parow Collab On New Single

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While hard to imagine at first, DJ Maphorisa and Jack Parow succeeded in collaborating with two very unique music genres.

Maphorisa is one of the leaders in the Amapiano genre. At the same time, Parow is arguably the best Afrikaans rapper in the country. The marriage of the two music styles was an unlikely pairing but a massive success.

Amapiano (Zulu word for ‘the pianos’) is a sound that came out of the locations ten years ago.

“We call it The Sound of the Kasi”

said Maphorisa.

It is described as a mix of deep house, throbbing basslines, and jazzy lounge music and is wildly popular.

Jack Parow, on the other hand, grinds out a version of heavy, at times coarse Afrikaans rap music that has broad appeal and is delivered in English and Afrikaans in equal bites.

Parow is an entertainer and plays a huge part in letting South Africans laugh at his caricatures and themselves. 

Initially, a collab seemed pretty incompatible, but Maphorisa was all for it. 

“I actually thought that the idea wasn’t too far-fetched,”

said Maphorisa.

“Anyway, Amapiano vocals are somewhat rapping in vernacular, so Afrikaans rap wasn’t going to be too difficult.” 

“One thing about Amapiano that people should know,”

he added,

“is that it is dynamic. It can adapt.” 

Parow, on the other hand, felt the concept challenging at first.

“It was probably a bit of a foreign concept to me at first because it’s never been done,”

said Parow.

“Still, I knew Porri and his style, and I knew we would make it work, and we did.”

The two blasted off in the studio, and the track emerged after a relatively short recording. 

“It was easy and quick,”

said Parow of the recording process.

“We just clicked, and it just worked.”

Maphorisa agreed.

“Overall, it was good vibes,”

he said.

“We clocked the song so quickly. Parow is very easy to work with, and he totally gets the importance of collaboration. He has good vibes and good energy.” 

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