Lady Du together with Zuma and Busta 929 release ‘Thula’

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South African award-winning and multi-platinum-selling singer and songwriter Lady Du is known for her timeless chart-topping music and for breaking global boundaries.

The queen of Ampiano comes from a musical background and has been a part of the music world from a tender age making her a great musician and businesswoman.

She has a collaboration with the international brand Ellesse and she recently opened a beauty salon inspiring a lot of young women who look up to her.

After a year of working on collaborations and her anticipated album which is rumored to drop soon, she returns with a single titled ‘Thula’ alongside Zuma and Busta 929 featuring rising star Knowley-D.

Aside from her mind-blowing performances, Lady Du is a vocal powerhouse and an incredible storyteller. This single has a strong message behind it.

Thula translates to hard work, dedication, and most of all doing your best and the most while staying in your lane.

Zuma mentions that to be successful in life you need to respect the people around you, your craft, your family, and your money.

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