WATCH Jameson Connects event – 25 March 2023

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Following the success of its first two editions in 2022, the world’s most-loved Irish whiskey returned with another Jameson Connect which brought together lovers of culture and Jameson under one roof in a reimagined way.

Jameson, who recently launched its new positioning, Widen The Circle, is on a mission to connect kindred spirits across the city as a way of encouraging Joburgers to expand their circles and discover Jameson’s brand essence of togetherness.

The Johannesburg leg of the event, which took place on 25 March 2023, saw Jameson bring together four regions of Jozi under one roof through an array of experiences that define how unique each of them is.

Whether you are from the North, South, East or West side of Johannesburg, the Jameson Connects Jozi event offered consumers a chance to not only socialize amongst each other as Joburgers; but learn about each ‘hood’ through their culture, love for food and entertainment, all made better with Jameson in hand.

For more information on #jamesonconnects Jozi and more visit @JamesonSA across all social media pages.

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