Holly Rey – Announces Release of 3AM EP Part 1

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Fresh off winning the Basadi in Music Pop Artist of The Year for the second year in a row, Holly Rey announces the release of her 3rd EP. Fans will be able to pre-save the EP this coming Friday, 25th August.

‘3AM’Part 1, has Holly Rey diving deeper into the world of Afro House to create a project for both party starters and House music lovers.

This project taps into Afro Tech as well as incorporating elements of Amapiano but carries a predominantly Afro House sound.

Holly explores new sounds in this project while still maintaining the soulful vocals that people have come to identify and love her for.

“This EP was made for my 3AM people, the true vibers, the ones that are there for the music and can’t tear themselves away from the dance floor. I also did most of the creative work for this project at 3am in the morning when I was deep in my feels.’

Holly Rey has sampled “Ngiyazifela’, the first single off of her upcoming EP 3AM to radio. The song drops on The Orchard the 25th of August along with the pre-order for the EP titled 3AM Part One.

“Ngiyazifela” simply means I am dying for your love. It was the first track created on the project camp and inspired the sound for Part One.

The sound is something that evolved as an extension of the vibe that developed in the very first studio session where Holly and her production team had set up for a week-long camp. The track is rooted in Afro House with Afro Tech elements.

The second track earmarked for single release is “25 To Life”. Once Holly had completed the vocal production on the track she knew that she wanted to feature an unexpected Artist, someone who would bring the right East African Afro Tech vibe to the track.

She has been tracking the Kenyan Afro Tech movement and when she was looking for a Kenyan Artist Sam Haskins from The Orchard suggested Nairobi based Blinky Bill it was an instant connection.

DJ “Blinky” Bill Sellanga is a Kenyan musician/producer and DJ based in Nairobi. He is also a founder of the Kenyan art and music collective Just A Band.

The two came together to create a Pan African single that hits the sweet spot and is guaranteed to bang hard in clubs across the African continent and beyond.

3 AM Part 1


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