Kay Sibiya and Jey Charles proudly present “Kuyabongwa”

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Celebrating the art of music and the rich heritage it represents, South African artist Kay Sibiya and the talented Jey Charles proudly present “Kuyabongwa”

This dynamic collaboration has breathed new life into a well-known iGwijo “Kuyabongwa,” which translates to “it is being praised” or “it is being appreciated.” “Kuyabongwa” is a song that embodies the spirit of celebration, appreciation, and praise. With production led by Obiie King, this release is set to become a cherished gem for generations to come.

About the Song:

“Kuyabongwa” is more than just a song; it is a heartfelt homage to the spirit of celebration, appreciation, and praise. This extraordinary composition ingeniously marries modern Afro House sounds and invigorating percussions, creating a harmonious fusion that transcends the boundaries of music genres.

In “Kuyabongwa,” the evocative iGwijo lyrics and melodic arrangements blend seamlessly, inviting listeners on a spirited journey through vibrant traditions. The infectious rhythm and pulsating beats evoke a sense of jubilation, echoing exuberant celebrations.

A Vision Brought to Life:

“Kuyabongwa” produced by Obiie King, who brought the vision to life. Obiie King’s production ensures that “Kuyabongwa” remains true to its cultural roots while adding a contemporary vibrancy that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

Kay Sibiya’s Perspective:

“In discussing the song, Kay Sibiya expressed his vision for ‘Kuyabongwa’ to go beyond tradition. He sought to infuse iGwijo in a celebratory spirit, emphasizing gratitude and joy in a way that is not sad. This musical masterpiece is meticulously crafted to be treasured and embraced by individuals of all generations, unifying and bridging generational divides.”

About Kay Sibiya:

Kay Sibiya is a versatile South African artist known for his work in acting, presenting, and music. He has a passion for celebrating and promoting his Zulu heritage through his creative endeavors.

Listen/Download: https://unitymusicafrica.bfan.link/kuyabongwa

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