DJ Stopper is now ready to release Jikeleza

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Following weeks of anticipation as snippets of his upcoming single went viral, DJ Stopper is now ready to release Jikeleza to the world – his newest Amapiano banger that DJs across South Africa can’t get enough of.

DJ Stopper is one of the most exciting young talents on the South African DJ-ing scene. He’s signed to DBN GOGO’s label, Zikode, and has worked with the likes of TNK Music and EltonK on some of his biggest recent tracks including 2022’s smash hit, Bells.

Now, he’s ready to end 2023 on a strong note with the full release of his next big single, Jikeleza.

The song has already gone viral on TikTok, where dancers and DJs alike have taken on the challenge of promoting the song. Jikeleza is an up-tempo, club record that will not be out of place in any DJ’s set.

Not only does it tap into the current wave of ‘piano’ sounds, but the song also features a jaw-dropping bass drop that will be enough to make everyone dance the night away.


DJ Stopper’s Inspirational Story

Stopper’s real name is Nkululeko Mphephoka and the young disc jockey hails from Kwa-Zulu Natal. His career has been characterized by his ability to get audiences to engage with his content (and his music) on social media.

Fans were first introduced to the youngster when he was a barman and hubbly reseller at venues like Junk Park and Tanzania. He worked his way up to become e the resident DJ at both clubs, but that was still only the beginning of his incredible story.

After impressing Mr JazziQ, Stopper was introduced to DBN GOGO and he has never looked back since. This Friday he’ll be celebrating another major milestone as he hopes his single Jikeleza will be the next big track to help his star rise even higher.

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