Newbie Officixl RSA releases joint EP with Mr JazziQ

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Mr Jazziq’s new signee and one of the most hardworking producers in Amapiano currently, Officixl RSA gears up to warm up fans this winter with a joint EP with Abuti Wadi Operations himself.

“The Joint Trip” is an EP produced by Mpumalanga born producer and hitmaker, Officixl RSA and Amapiano piooner, Mr Jazziq.

On this joint EP, Jazziq and Officixl take fans on a new trip to the dance floor, with music inspired by Mr Jazziq’s love for Kwaito and old school dance music with a fusion of new age sounds brought about by Officixl’s unique take on Amapiano.

Officixl brings in his interpretation of Amapiano and Barcodi flair which has become recognised for on hit singles such as “Bayahlanya” ft Benzoo, a hit single from Mr Jazziq’s 2023 EP, All You Need Is Piano

The new 5 track EP, hits the floor running with songs such as “Intro” a is blissful single that caters to genuine fans of Sgija with a dash of Barcadi.

The second single on the EP” Kontraka”, features vocalist Benzoo whose cadence and voice has become synonymous to Officixl’s music.

“Vinny Vanco” is the silent killer on the EP, whilst the stand out track is the Shazam viral single, J”oint” which gives praises to Mr Jazziq as the possible president for Y2K’s, Joint dropped this past Friday and is currently sitting at #5 on Shazam whilst making the rounds on TikTok.

Wrapping up the EP and solidifying the brilliance of this body of work is a single titled “ New Sex” a single inspired by the ecstasy one experiences when they meet a new love.

This feeling of euphoria is heard in the tempo of the song, which builds up to the chant “Danko” , a sign of gratitude from the vocal artist who has found the best companion.

Speaking about the EP, Mr Jazziq expressed the following

“ From the day I met this guy, all he has wanted to do, is come to my studio and work with me. After making Bayahlanya and seeing the reception from fans, I saw it fair that I let the rest of the world hear what this young man has to offer. He actually also made Pcee’s Gabriella which is another fan favourite. I can’t wait for fans to hear what we cooked”

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