Teejay Omar and Prince Kaybee Release Viral TikTok Song

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TeeJay Omar, a talented singer and songwriter from Carletonville, collaborated with South African DJ and music producer Prince Kaybee on the song “Ndawo Yam.”

The collaboration began when Prince Kaybee posted a TikTok video featuring just the instrumentals. TeeJay, known for his husky and soulful voice, duetted the video with a verse, and it quickly went viral.

“Ndawo Yam,” which translates to “my place,” is a love song dedicated not to another person but to music itself.

For TeeJay, music is a sanctuary, a place he turns to when everything else fails, reflecting the deep connection he has cultivated since his early days in the school choir.

TeeJay Omar is a talented singer and songwriter from Carletonville, a small town west of Johannesburg. His music journey began at the tender age of six when he joined his school’s choir.

By high school, TeeJay was renowned for his husky and soulful voice, which quickly earned him a following in his township of Khutsong.

Despite the significant challenges posed by limited access to facilities and exposure in the music industry, TeeJay’s determination and resilience led him to connect with local producers who had bedroom studios.

This allowed him to record demos and strive to break into the industry, showcasing his unwavering passion and dedication to music.


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