Mobi Dixon finally releases his new album titled When House Was House

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One of the most anticipated album in house music has landed in our homes and finally dropping this Friday! Baxelele uBhutiza ubuyile and giving his all on this album titled When House Was House, one of the best things to happen to House Music as far as 2021 is concerned. Here are some beautiful melodies from the hit-maker, indulge as Mobi Dixon serenades us with melodic sounds.

Our clan names and praises are used to tell our history in who we are and how we manifest who are yet to become, they are also used for cultural identification, and this is the case in the first single on this album Uthunyiwe (Intro), it tells the story about uBhutiza and where he comes from, what he has done and the havoc he is about to cause with this album. The perfect intro to better explain the journey through musical metaphors and African authenticity accompanied by the amazing words and lyrics from Kush Mahleka.

A song that tells the story about the journey that is life, a song that describe the steps taken to success and all hardships we meet along the way, the single Lendlela. There are a lot of discouragements we may come across, but the journey is not forgotten instead when the going gets hard the one who we should remember and turn to is God and his will be done. The song is all tied up well with the production from the house music OGs Oscar Mbo and Mo-T accompanied by the amazing vocals from Wendy Soni.

Nkosi Yezulu features the master saxophonists Bongane Sax, the instrumentals on this song bring a different new sound to the ear featuring the modern-day house music sound. This brings a new different spiritual sound to the single, there are no lyrics, yet the song speaks to the soul and leaves you with a lighter spirit almost as if you are assured everything will be good and no worry should be present. Magnificent masterpiece!

The featured artist on this special one is someone we never knew we would find pulling the singing card on us, she is a well-known South African actress, TV producer and presenter known as Masechaba Ndlovu. The talent took us by storm on this single titled Mvelinqangi, a nice catchy house song that also has a touch of gospel lyrics with beautiful guitar chords that just make this the IT song for a nice mini praise and worship session. This is the song you play to start your day with a full spirit fed by the single.

Xhosa people truly are God’s favourite because they have such amazing musical attributes, it gets even better when you put them together on a song together. Back in time is single number five from Amanda Black, this is that “irreplaceable” South African version basically telling the boyfriend ‘if you leave its fine but you won’t find me where you left me’; another hit single as they keep on coming from the one and only Mobi Dixon!!

This jam is setting the roof on fire, as if that is not enough damage Mariechan comes in with her pipes pouring petrol to the fire. This jam is the next best thing in the house music genre, a sound of electronic dance music with a touch of that SA sauce.Jnr SA made sure when it comes to music production the rhythm of the song has a beautiful flow of lyrics and sounds that conduct a motion so delightful it stimulates nostalgic memories back to When House Was House, our sixth track.

The seventh track on this body of work is River Flow, featuring Zola Nombona. This soulful track is laced with an enticing touch of the guitar that makes it a perfect fit with Zola’s voice telling the story of how you should move your body and let it flow, just like a river! This is the perfect feel-good song to get you in the right mood no matter the time of day and no matter where you are.

The dyans brought the heat on track number 8 titled Ndakhwaza, featuring Naakmusiq the vocalist who always does the most! This song has such an amazing production that as soon as the base drops there is no way you are not going to move your body nodding your heard to the beat! This is that single you dance to just to flex, pulling the “the aim is not to sweat” card because it features the grootmans of house music.

This album only gets better as we progress into it, the next single sang by the beautiful and talented Letang is Fafatla and trust me the vocals and rhythm are a match made in the Dixon studio!! The song self explains how amazing it is, the vocalist mentions ‘it’s not me it’s Dixon’ so clearly Mobi is responsible for all our groove decisions we are going to make this festive, we will be fafatling our way to 2022!

Ngaphesheya shows the authenticity of Africa with its indigenous vocals and melodies, it is the raw epitome of South African house music with a fusion of traditional sounds. Sun-EL Musician is one of the best producers and having him alongside Mobi Dixon makes the song the hit that it is, together with Nambila and Massive Ricco, house heads are the most blessed people with music from such talents reviving house music, it is going to get LIT!

We all know that one person whose presence at a party is needed for it to feel like a real party – this is what the track Life of the party featuring Miles is all about. Besides the fact that this song is bound to have you showing off your moves, it celebrates all the people who get onto the dance flow and let the music take over freely. We often take ourselves too seriously and this is the perfect reminder that when you get onto any dance floor, don’t think about it too much; let the music take over your body and have a great time.

It is often not so easy to let anyone into your heart with the fear of heartbreak but this song with Phelo Bhala, Nqonqoza, is the perfect reminder that it is okay to let people in. Phelo sings about how willing he is to learn about to this special somebody with the intention to know them better, to understand their thoughts and to treat them how they deserve to be treated. He sings about being at the door of their heart and just asking them to open and let them in. This is a beautiful song that reminds us that not everyone is the same, and there are still people out there who are willing to love you, appreciate you and make you feel loved just the way that you want.

Khanyisa (Jnr SA remix) is our last but not least track, this time with a twist featuring Jnr SA who remixed the single from Mobi Dixon and Berita. This album has been close to God, and it is refreshing and such a beautiful musical experience knowing that you can praise the Lord and dance ushaye ama get down. This song was a good original mix but somehow it just needed Jnr SA’s touch to throw in a few of those amazing baselines here and there and boom! We have such a phenomenal song telling a beautiful story.

We close the show with a bang!! Track number 14 is titled V300, a gqom sound infused with a touch of house music and the famous Amapiano genre, giving off electro vibes, nothing like you have heard before! This magnificent work is brought to us by the legion of house and gqom superheroes being Mobi Dixon, Dj Big Sky, Sbhanga, Chocco, Budda Sage & Froote. There is no way you won’t do a small vosho to this one, take note that when the bus arrives, we are getting on and riding to grove! This has to be the best house album ever with so much versatility, from house music, dub-techno even gqom in the mix, Perfecto!

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