WATCH Matenase Wa Di Yobisi & Mandla on fame & signing to Sony

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We caught up with the internet sensation Matenase Wa Di Yobisi as well as his partner in crime Mandla who have both become overnight celebrities since their dancing video went viral.

The duo met back in 2021 at school, Mandla and Matenase, real name Marthinus became good friends due to their shared love of Bacardi music.

Matenase Wa Di Yobisi and Mandla are now both signed to Sony music.

Fascinated by Mandla’s dance moves, Marthinus decided to mimic Mandla whenever he danced. Finding it funny by seeing a white boy dancing to Bacardi, Mandla decided to take a video of encouraging Marthinus to dance.

The first video was posted on his social media accounts lead to people demanding more videos from them. The second video recorded of Marthinus by Mandla while they were at school started trending and taking social media by storm, the is where the name “Matenase” came from.

Due to their love of Bacardi, Marthinus and Mandla did a video requesting Vusi Ma R5 & Enny Man Da Guitar to join them on the original “Matenase” song.

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