Boohle says Mazikhale with immediate effect on her new album Islomo

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International award-winning and multi-platinum-selling superstar songstress Boohle is finally dropping her third studio album titled Islomo, the album consists of 10 tracks each one different from the other.

On the project, Boohle collaborates with some heavyweights as well as upcoming artists making this an album that everyone can vibe to.

Islomo is set to drop on Friday the 28th of October.

  1. The first track is titled ‘Izethembiso’ in collaboration with producer Ntokzin and singer/ songwriter Just Bheki. Izethembiso has a traditional feel to it, the song is soulful, and directly translates to promises.
  2. Track two is titled ‘Sihambise’, on this one Boohle teamed up with DJ Nnana and DJ Stokie to deliver a house-infused song that can also be described as soulful or private school Amapiano.
  3. The third track is ‘Ngikhokhele’, a soulful song of hope. Boohle has no features on this one but collaborates with producer Sabelo Duma. Ngikhokhele is a song that will capture the hearts of Mzansi just by the way Boohle delivers the song.
  4. Number four is ‘Wahamba’, another one where Boohle showcases her vocals. Wahamba can be described as a street song with all the Amapiano elements.
  5. The 5th track is the first and lead single that introduced the album ‘Mazikhale’. Mazikhale directly translates to let them/us cry, but in South African slang this term is used to describe an extraordinary event or vibe, it is also used a lot in the Amapiano scene, a scene that has taken over the world and Boohle is at the center of it all.
  6. Number six is ‘Is that you’ featuring Healer nhliziyo yam hit maker Gaba Cannal and KandyBeats. Is that you has a house feel to it and is sampled from the classic Jennifer Hudson song ‘Spotlight’.
  7. The 7th track is titled ‘Undenza Ntoni’, in collaboration with the duo Murumba Pitch and once again Gaba Cannal. Undenza Ntoni is an Amapiano love anthem.
  8. The second last track is titled ‘Love Me’ featuring Gaba Cannal and Jay Sax. The song is a street song with soulful jazz elements that Jay Sax adds to the song.
  9. Number nine on the track list is ‘Tshina’ featuring young, versatile, and rising artist Khalil Harrison. This one is a banger; it is what can be described as a groove anthem with popular terminology we use to express our party moods.
  10. Closing off the project is single ‘Thinking About You’. This body of work is yet another accolade for Boohle, she proves once again that she is a force to be reckoned with and that every song she makes is a guaranteed commercial success.


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